RTR is a exam is conduct by WPC in every 2 months
Professional Training includes -175 hrs of Instructions


PART : 1

ATS route charts, transmission techniques, formats of transmission as per AIP (Aeronautical Information Publication), India. Situational calls. 60 current Question papers of last 5 attempts (Question papers as stated by the appeared candidates) will be covered as per WPC examination standards.

PART : 2

Basic electricity, Radio Navigational Aids, working of transmitter-receiver, modulation, HF-VHF communication, Regulations, flight plan etc. A series of 200 FAQ’s (as stated by the appeared candidates) will be covered.


  1. Revised study material will be provided to all aspirants.
  2. Mock test on exact same pattern of WPC will be conducted
  3. Individual interview ( Viva)
  4. Demo to real time live RT environment